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Drinkable Supplements: More Actives Than Typical Pill Form

Drinkable Supplements

As you know, the most common way to take supplements are in pill form. Grab a supplement, some water, and down the hatch it goes. But, did you know that supplements come in other forms, such as powders and liquids?

At Beautiful Nutrition –  we design supplements in many forms. We choose which form each supplement will come in based on what will provide the best results. For example, our Beautritious Megadose Drinkable Supplements come in a powdered drink mix form. These beauty promoting treatments are packed with far more beauty actives than can be delivered in a typical pill form. Just think of the size limitation of a small pill. In some cases, you’d have to take many pills in order to get the same amount of actives as in one powdered drinkable version.

Powders are also very cost effective on a dollars-per-nutrient basis. Beautritous Drinkable Treatments also very convenient and perfect for use on the go. Just throw a stick pack into your purse, mix with your bottle of water, and drink on the go.

We also create multiple supplement forms because people have unique preferences. For example, some people don't like swallowing pills and would prefer to have a drink, while others may find pills to be time saving. At Beautiful Nutrition™ there will always be an option that is fit for you.

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